FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble playing your stream?

To listen to the radio you need to click on the play button.

It is worth remembering that most radio stations periodically carry out technical work for a short time to improve the quality of broadcasting or coverage. This does not happen on a daily basis, but it can cause broadcast interruption from time to time. You can also follow these independent steps that may help resolve the problem:

  • for some streams, you need to wait 10-15 seconds until fully loaded;
  • make sure that the required volume level is set on your device;
  • try reloading the page and starting the player again;
  • make sure your internet connection is stable;
  • clear your cache and restart your browser;
  • make sure you have the latest version of your browser installed (update if necessary).
  • If the above steps did not resolve the problem, you can send a request to the feedback form, indicating in the message the name of the radio station and the problem you encountered. We will try to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

What is webradio?

Web radio, or more commonly referred to as internet radio, is a technology that continuously transmits audio over the internet to your computer. It’s a technique of broadcasting audio using data transmission that is very similar to terrestrial radio, and it’s used by 57 million people every week.

Internet radio broadcasters use “streaming” to transmit their stations over the internet to their users. Listening to audio streams means that you don’t have to download every song and store it on your computer. Instead, your computer downloads small portions of data (usually in the MP3 or AAC formats) in a continuous stream, usually a little faster than you listen to it, and discards the portions once you’ve gone past these parts of the stream. This means that you never have a fully-downloaded file on your computer. Any radio shows that you do have to download are known as podcasts.

The most obvious benefit of using internet radio is access to thousands of radio stations that you wouldn’t normally be able to listen to due to your location. Another advantage is having an almost unlimited supply of music and live shows that you can listen to in real time.

How much data does listening use up?

Listening to a 128 Kbit/s stream uses approximately 60 MB per hour. Lower bit rate streams (e.g., 64 or 32 Kbit/s) use up less, while larger streams (> 128 Kbit/s) use up more data.

Please be sure to tap 'Pause' and stop streaming when you've finished listening.

More and more stations switch to an adaptive streaming format, which adapts the quality and bitrate streamed to the internet connection of the user. So in these cases, the data used depends on the internet connection as well, – and ensures that the lowest possible data is used. Our iOS and Android apps already support adaptive streaming.

How do I search for a station?

Enter the desired station name or search phrase into the search box at the top right of the page. Alternatively, search in the genre and topics.

How can I request a new radio?

If you want to see any radio station on our website, just let us know, to the Add Radio page. Or contact the site manager in a way convenient for you, which you can find on the page Contact us. Radio will adding!

Do I need to pay to use radio-south-africa.com?

Our service is free.