Podcast Afternoons

Podcast Afternoons
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The highlights of Afternoons with Relebogile Mabotja, just in case you missed it.

2023-10-13 12:45:00
Upside of failure with P.J. Morton

2023-10-13 12:02:00
The Travel Feature: The logistics of planning a cruise to Alaska

2023-10-13 11:52:43
Movies and what to Stream with Yalezo Njuguna

2023-10-12 13:02:15
The Consumer Feature: Fixed Term Contracts

2023-10-12 12:01:43
Belief Matters: What are the manners and etiquette to be followed when visiting an Islamic Mosque?

2023-10-12 11:53:08
What are some things you would like sighted individuals to understand or know about your experiences and challenges as someone who wears glasses and has eyesight difficulties?

2023-10-11 12:04:45
Finance Feature: What financial considerations should one be mindful of before entering a relationship, particularly when they are not currently employed or working?

2023-10-11 12:00:51
Are women empowerment platforms and girls' initiatives making a meaningful impact in the industries you work in?

2023-10-10 12:01:07
Tech Feature: Focusing on Cyberpsychology.

2023-10-10 11:58:18
Raising awareness on Post traumatic stress disorder on World Mental Health Day