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Podcast Consumerwatch
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Consumerwatch with Wendy Knowler

2021-12-09 09:41:00
Bank fraudsters get F2F with pensioners - in their homes!

2021-12-02 10:30:00
How to deal with Fourth Wave related cancellations

2021-11-25 09:43:00
This is how to NOT do Black Friday

2021-11-18 09:27:00
What if your wedding photographer sells your pictures as stock footage?

2021-11-11 09:38:00
What’s to stop teenagers from having booze delivered to them, via an app? - Wendy Knowler

2021-11-04 09:33:00
Got a Kulula or British Airways credit? End of November, use it or lose it

2021-10-28 11:04:00
All about the “confirm your Telkom directory listing" scam

2021-10-21 09:40:00
What if your shop was looted and you thought you had SASRIA cover, but you didn’t?

2021-10-14 09:41:00
What's the story with the Woolworths rotten juice boxes?

2021-09-30 09:30:00
Can a company refuse to compensate you for loss or injury?